Financial Software Support Analyst

MIAC Analytics

Location: New York, NY; Charlotte, North Carolina

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Financial Software Support Analyst Overview

This position falls under the Secondary Solutions Group (SSG) within MIAC. The Secondary Solutions Group is generally responsible for:

  • Providing sophisticated mortgage banking risk management software solutions to mortgage lenders
  • Providing interest rate risk management services and reporting to mortgage banking firms
  • Market valuation of mortgage banking portfolios for sale
  • Outsourced hedging of mortgage pipelines
  • Managing the sale of mortgages to the secondary market
  • Accounting valuation support for mortgage lenders

The Role You Will Play in our Secondary Market Solutions Group

Key responsibilities for the Financial Software Support Analyst include:

  • Provide expertise and guidance to hiring managers regarding market conditions impacting the ability to attract and retain talent
  • Develop job postings to accurately reflect job requirements and company culture
  • Review and develop recruitment practices for alignment with the overall organizational strategy
  • Continually source active and passive candidates
  • Identify best channels for internal and external advertising of job vacancies, including internal/external job boards, professional associations, social media outlets, and recruitment events
  • Plan and coordinate external recruitment events and participate as a company representative
  • Establish partnerships with local Colleges & Universities and develop overall campus recruiting strategy
  • Screen incoming and on-file applicant resumes and assess for job and organizational fit
  • Extend job offer documents and ensure on-boarding and new hire material for each new employee

Desired Qualifications

The ideal candidate would have a bachelor’s degree or 3+ years relevant experience:

  • Configuration of client software for both internal and external users
  • Configuration of incoming and outgoing data flows for clients
  • MIAC proprietary software testing
  • Assisting clients with risk management software support
  • Building and validating reports for clients using SSRS
  • Assisting Secondary Solutions staff with research, resolutions, and support as needed
  • Assisting account managers with general client service needs including best execution analysis, transmission of trade information, and investigation of loan and trade price discrepancies


Job Type: Full-time
Job Location: New York, NY or Charlotte, NC
Required Education: Bachelor’s
Required experience: 3+ years

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About MIAC

Since 1989, MIAC has been at the forefront in providing:

  • Secondary Market Pricing and Risk Management Software and Advisory Solutions
  • MSR, Whole Loan, Residual and Illiquid Mortgage Pricing, Hedging, and Accounting
  • Software and Advisory Solutions
  • MSR and Whole Loan Brokerage Services
  • Interest Rate Derivative Pricing Software and Pricing Services
  • Pricing Software and Pricing Services for Mortgage Derivatives

MIAC Analytics™ is used to value over four trillion dollars in mortgage whole loans, MSR (mortgage servicing rights), residuals, and interest rate derivatives monthly by most of the largest mortgage companies in the industry.

MIAC’s corporate headquarters is in New York City, with additional offices in Charlotte NC, Bethlehem, PA, Pewaukee, WI, Bangalore, and London.