A New Pool Optimizing Tool – Part of the MarketShield® Secondary Market Software Suite

Press Release

May 7, 2019

New York, NY – MIAC Analytics™, a leading provider of pricing, risk management and accounting solutions for the mortgage and financial services industries, announced today the addition of a new tool in MarketShield®, MIAC’s secondary software suite; the Maximized Objective Optimizer™ (MOJO™).

MOJO™ uses an effective and quick computational algorithm to maximize the value of your portfolio. The algorithm utilizes sophisticated combinatorial techniques to quickly and efficiently rule out subpar executions and return the optimal execution or set of executions in cases with more than one advantageous solution. It includes real-time loan classification to partition the set of loans into distinct groups, which serves to significantly narrow the search space of all possible executions and reduce runtime during pooling.

“MOJO™ takes MarketShield®’s industry-leading best-execution to a whole new level by considering all possible pooling alternatives to yield the best overall outcome for all probable spec pool stories and de-minimus pools,” said Tina Freeman, Managing Director of the Secondary Solutions Group at MIAC. “Our clients are now able to not only get the best possible execution, but they can do it in record time! Many traders spend hours or even days per month analyzing pooling combinations. MOJO™ cuts that time by 95% or more through a fully automated process.”

MOJO™ computes the best way to pool loans, maximize the use of specified pools pay-ups, and minimize the jumbo loan hit. MOJO™ also enables users to commit pools, auto-create trades, and allocate loans to trades with a single click of a button.

About MIAC

Since 1989, MIAC Analytics™ has been the preferred destination for sophisticated mortgage industry and capital markets participants, offering transaction execution services, secondary market hedge advisory solutions, third-party mortgage asset valuations, as well as state-of-the-art valuation and risk models incorporating a full range of consumer behavioral risk factors.


Brad Eskridge
Managing Director, Secondary Solutions Group
MIAC Analytics
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Tina Freeman
Managing Director, Secondary Solutions Group
MIAC Analytics
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