The US Housing Market

Roy Park, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets Group

The U.S. residential real-estate market seems to have finally turned the corner, as home price changes have been positive over the last several months on a year-over-year basis even without any direct government subsidies. The price movements have coincided with improvements in the broader economy.

The UK Housing Market

Joe Macklin Vice President, Risk & Analytics MIAC|Acadametrics

MIAC has had a presence in the UK and Europe since the establishment of a joint venture proposition with house price and stress testing specialists Acadametrics Ltd. The formation of MIAC|Acadametrics (M|A) in 2008 created a synergistic firm with a comprehensive set of expertise and experience from both sides of the Atlantic. This article focuses on one of M|A’s core areas of expertise – the UK housing market. It will discuss the market dynamics in recent years and how that may influence market prospects in 2013.

Mortgage Servicing – Market Update

Robert Lee, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets Group

U.S. housing is trending stronger. Although underwriting remains restrictive, decreasing home inventory provides testimony to this improvement. Mortgage rates remain range-bound with the 30-Year primary rate averaging 3.43% and remaining in a tight six-month range between 3.31% and 3.66%. MSR values have been mostly flat on a quarter-over-quarter basis.

Loan Portfolio Sales – Be Prepared for Success

Robert Fear, Director, Client Solutions Group

The market for residential whole loans continues to be quite active, with investor sentiment reflecting a positive view on home price appreciation and a healthy buy-side appetite for performing and non-performing loans. On the performing side, we are seeing the most demand right now for Jumbo product, particularly Hybrid ARMs. In the non-performing sector, there appears to be a lot of interest in REO properties.