Asset Brokerage Services

MIAC is a full-service asset broker, servicing financial institutions that buy, sell, and finance portfolios of mortgage and consumer receivable assets. MIAC can serve as your experienced partner to help navigate the entire auction process, and ultimately, close a successful transaction that satisfies all your objectives.

Experience has never counted more.

Asset Brokerage and Advisory

Our team of asset brokerage professionals have experience in pre-market analysis, loan sale selection, bid preparation and closing. We aggressively market each portfolio to create a competitive environment and maximize the sale price.

MSR Brokerage

Residential Servicing Brokerage

MIAC has a unique position in the market; the majority of the largest servicers in the industry utilize our proprietary software, MIAC Analytics™. Our professionals maintain strong dialogues with key individuals responsible for servicing valuations and acquisitions within their institutions.

Commercial/Multifamily Servicing Brokerage

MIAC has a unique position in the residential bulk and flow servicing market; the majority of the largest servicers in the industry utilize our proprietary software, MIAC Analytics™ when they price servicing offerings.

Whole Loan Brokerage

Loan Sale Advisory

Included in our asset brokerage services are data due diligence, price modeling, transaction management, and trade settlement. We offer a powerful marketing effort focused on engaging the best counterparties for your trade. MIAC’s brokerage professionals work as a partner, assisting the seller through the entire auction process. We strive for a seamless and successful transaction.

Asset Types

We have significant valuation and transaction expertise across the full spectrum of loan types:
  • Residential and Commercial Loans
  • Performing and Non-Performing Mortgages
  • Secured and Unsecured Consumer Loans and Leases

MIAC Asset Brokerage Process

MIAC conducts auctions with integrity – no late bids allowed, no last looks, and no direct access to the seller for privileged data attempts. From securing and auditing your portfolio data to marketing the portfolio to sale, MIAC aims to provide an optimized and seamless process.

Initial Consultation and Audit

MIAC consults directly with the seller to evaluate their business strategy. Once the data tape is reviewed, we will produce a sales select from the portfolio data that best supports the seller’s ongoing business strategy.

Marketing and Bidding Process

MIAC will prepare the offering memorandum that will be distributed to potential buyers. The offering will be marketed through our institutional sales force, industry publications, and direct marketing to ensure maximum exposure.

Due Diligence and the
P&S Agreement

In addition to the seller’s legal team, MIAC will review each Purchase and Sale Agreement in order to identify any threats to the seller’s interest and assist the seller in negotiating the agreement with the buyer.

Final Transfer and Closing

MIAC assists in the transfer of the servicing and loan files that is governed by predetermined transfer guidelines between the buyer and seller. MIAC will monitor the transfer process to ensure best practice.

Due Diligence Portfolio Review

With over 30 years of experience completing asset brokerage services, MIAC will provide critical guidance during this stage of the sale. Pending a satisfactory review of the seller’s financials and loan files, the buyer will submit a P&S Agreement for seller execution. The LOI should have contained all financial related data, but both the buyer and seller must agree on all other sale related items and timelines. During this step, MIAC will supervise the buyer’s due diligence process and assist with reviewing/negotiating the P&S Agreement. In addition to a review of the seller’s financial stability, the buyer will most likely perform an off-site due diligence review of a predetermined sample of the sale portfolio.

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