Pipeline Hedge
Advisory Services

MIAC provides comprehensive mortgage pipeline management and hedge advisory solutions tailored specifically to the goals of your organization. Our team of experienced capital markets and risk management professionals can price originations, execute your hedges, generate your pool files and limit pipeline market risk while optimizing your best execution.

The Industry's Trusted Hedge Advisor

Fallout Analysis and Modeling

MIAC provides comprehensive loan fallout analysis and pull-through modeling customized to your needs. We assist in the creation of a multi-dimensional and market dynamic pull-through model and maintenance in volatile interest rate environments.

Accounting and Auditing Support

MIAC will assist in discussions with external auditors, warehouse lenders, and regulators regarding the pipeline risk management process. We supply detailed price breakdowns to facilitate the reconciliation of loan sales, including a granular day-over-day P&L attribution. Daily attribution analysis highlights the impact to your P&L from changes in security/base price, LLPAs, spec pay ups, MSR/SRP, BU/BD, and your cost basis.

Risk Management

Daily mark-to-market and attribution analysis of the entire position produces transparency for changes in profitability and risk. Our team of dedicated account managers can assist with the creation of a hedging strategy designed to meet each client’s risk tolerance.

Best Execution Analysis

MIAC provides Best Execution analysis from lock date through sale date to measure and manage value at risk in the pipeline. MarketShield® provides a comprehensive analysis of available execution options for every loan. The evaluation of servicing released versus servicing retained strategies is a critical component of MarketShield’s Best Execution analysis.

Trade Management and Support

MIAC provides TBA and whole loan trade execution and allocation. Our traders provide clients with tracking reports, highlighting the migration through all pipeline milestones. We can also provide Loan delivery support through MIAC’s Mortgage Delivery Specialists.

Daily Activity Reporting

We provide daily tracking and reporting of new locks, expirations, cancellations, declines, new loan closings, new loan sales, trade allocations, and hedge trading activity. MIAC also supplies comprehensive market risk analysis, shock reporting, and month-to-date P&L reporting. These reports can be customized to your specific needs.
Pipeline Hedging and Loan Sales

From Fully Outsourced Services to Customized Reporting

MIAC provides full-service pipeline risk management solutions, from rate sheet generation out to loan sale and settlement.

Fully Outsourced

MIAC hedges your pipeline and sells your loans based on proprietary models, calibrated to your needs.
  • End-to-end Pipeline Hedging and Risk Management Services
  • Experienced and Dedicated Account Manager
  • User-customizable Management and Supervisor Reports
  • Hedge and Loan Sale Fulfillment
  • Selling Retained vs. Released Optimization
  • Comprehensive Daily and Month-end Mark-to-Market Reports
  • Real-time Pipeline Decisioning
  • Generates Optimal Results vs. Best Efforts
  • Loan Slotting Pool Optimization


SaaS Reporting

MIAC offers SaaS services and stand-alone, custom-driven reports.
  • Customizable Comprehensive Reporting
  • Fully-integrated with Leading LOS System
  • Complete Pull-through Analysis
  • Advanced Term-Structure Model
  • Stress Testing for Pipeline vs. Hedge
  • Comprehensive Fallout Modeling and Reporting
  • CPA to CPA-like Accounting P&L Reports
  • Pooling Optimization/Best-Ex Reports
  • MSR Grids Fully Integrated into Best-Ex


MIAC makes a point of working with each client to meet their specific needs and interests.
Therefore, our approach is customized for the client, but generally, these are our service packages.

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