Due Diligence Services

MIAC provides an in-depth analysis of your portfolio, and data integrity reviews to provide a clear understanding of your mortgage data. Whether you are looking to confirm only key data points or a universe of fields for complete transparency, MIAC can deliver.

Commitment to Service Excellence

We are proud to be an industry-accepted third-party due diligence firm recognized by major credit rating agencies such as KBRA, Moody’s S&P Global, and Fitch Ratings. We are committed to providing the highest quality due diligence services to the mortgage industry market. Our dedicated team has experience in a wide variety of markets and with MIAC’s proprietary software, VeriFi™ is well-equipped to provide accurate and comprehensive due diligence services.

HMDA Data Validation Review

Prepare your HMDA data before submission to the CFPB. Our HMDA Data Validation Review verifies the accuracy of the data collected compared with the source documentation within the loan files.

Loan Repurchase Review

Our comprehensive review provides clients with a defensive approach in its investigation of each of the findings cited in the repurchase letters. Our objective is to find credible arguments enabling our clients to dispute the cited findings.

Full Credit and Compliance Review

Our comprehensive review includes adherence to credit guidelines, data validation, document/collateral inventory, and residential compliance review. With the ability to update data on occupancy, employment, income, and borrower identity. Loans are reviewed and when inconsistencies are detected, exceptions are issued through VeriFi.

Tax and Title Review

With our tax and title review, we provide an independent assessment of a pool of loans to identify any risks concerning the origination and servicing.

Payment History and Collection Comments Review

Gain insight into loan performance and assess the willingness and ability of the borrower to repay the mortgage. We provide an extensive review of borrower payment history including payments made, payments past due, and payment velocity.

Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset Review

Prepare deliveries to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with our ULDD review. We review incomplete loan data files, then capture and verify data to prepare for delivery.

Consumer Loan Review

Evaluate your customers and identify potential risks. We provide recommendations by reviewing documents, interpreting findings, and determining the risks for all consumer loans.

Commercial Loan Review

MIAC can provide a review to assist in commercial real estate transactions. Whether it’s a loan classification or data preparation for sales to agencies.

HELOC Review

As purchase originations decrease and borrowers shift to HELOCS, we support lenders with efficient and comprehensive portfolio reviews. From sampling to reporting, we work to ensure optimal value from every review. Our due diligence reviews provide decision-making data that gives insight into property details, borrower documentation, and income verification.

SOFR Data Validation Review

SOFR will require existing contracts to have robust fallback language that includes a clearly defined alternative reference index. Identify and address mortgage data tied to LIBOR with our data validation review.

QC Review

Fannie Mae’s new QC requirements mean you must adapt to safeguard loan quality and reduce risk. These updated requirements can help reduce the potential for a rep and warrant put back. Our third-party review services aim to support the reliability of mortgage investments while assisting lenders in meeting the evolving standards.



Due Diligence Group Reach

MIAC offers full due diligence services to clients across the United States, Europe, and other areas around the world. We can support your understanding of the value of your assets through our software solutions and knowledge of the ever-changing market.





Due Diligence Software
VeriFi™ is a comprehensive due diligence software for the banking and lending industries, designed to control all aspects of the due diligence process. Whether your organization is a bank, investor, lender, or asset servicer, VeriFi can fit the scope of almost every project.

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