Risk Retention Services

MIAC provides an independent opinion of the value of the eligible risk retention. MIAC works closely with the issuer, underwriters, accountants, and legal counsel to ensure proper and verifiable assumptions are provided in the offering materials.

Risk Retention Consulting and Analysis

MIAC is a leading provider of third-party valuation services for RMBS, CMBS, ABS, and residual assets. MIAC values underlying collateral in the residential and commercial mortgages, home-equity loans, reverse mortgages, manufactured housing, auto loans, credit cards, unsecured consumer loans, and buy-to-let UK mortgages and securitized debt.

Collateral Cash Flows

MIAC has multiple methodologies for projecting the cash flow of collateral pool. Best practices involve generating loan-level cash flows utilizing MIAC CORE™ with various default frequency, prepayment and loss models. For audit procedures, MIAC will reconcile with the underwriters and accountants repline level cash flows.


MIAC models the entire deal structure using BondAgent™. Using a defensible bond pricing discovery process, MIAC values the residuals with industry best practices. MIAC values a collateral execution as well as residual price discovery for appropriate investors.

Mortgage and Asset-backed Pricing and Risk Management Software


Designed to create waterfall cash flows and bond analytics from collateral data.

CORE™ Behavioral Models

Forecasts prepayments, default frequency, timing, and severity of loan loss behavior in response to macroeconomic factors.

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