Bid Date: 9/29/2021    5:00 PM EST Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) is pleased to offer, as exclusive agent, $63 billion of XS IO strips derived from FHLMC/FNMA/GNMA/PLS loans. Key portfolio characteristics include: Current UPB:   •   FHLMC $18.4 billion   •   FNMA $10.2 billion   •   GNMA $14.1 billion   •   PLS $19.8 billion… Read more »

Due Diligence Underwriter MIAC Analytics Location: Remote Please click here to view the application Overview MIAC is looking to expand our underwriter and quality control due diligence team. Our team based work environment encourages the sharing of ideas to achieve exceptional results for our clientele. MIAC has developed industry leading software technology to assist every underwriter to… Read more »

Bid Date: August 19, 2021    5:00 PM EST Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) is pleased to offer $57 mm of non-bank originated, scratch and dent loans. Investment Opportunity: Current UPB: $57,056,023 Average UPB: $310,087 WAC: 3.683% Loan Count: 184 Find out more Learn more about MIAC Whole Loan Sales & Brokerage Contact For more information about… Read more »

In this issue… Residential MSR Market Update – July 2021 Mike Carnes, Managing Director, MSR Valuations Group Over the month of June, primary mortgage rates were mostly flat, while the CMS curve flattened significantly – with 2-year CMS rates backing up 10 BPs and 10-year CMS rates falling 15 BPs. During the same time period,… Read more »

By Dick Kazarian, Managing Director, Borrower Analytics Group Introduction and summary In our Winter 2021 edition of MIAC Perspectives, we provided an overview of our updated CORE™ Residential Models for Credit, Prepayment, and Loss. We identified six major features which distinguish these CORE models from alternative models available in the analytics marketplace. In the latest… Read more »

By Brendan Teeley, Senior Vice President, Whole Loan Sales & Trading GNMA Early Buyouts (EBOs) EBO pricing is at record highs as APM 20-07 increases the burden on servicers and owners to re-pool their delinquent GNMA loans. The requirement of 6-month consecutive payments means that borrower must be current for effectively 7 consecutive months prior to… Read more »

By Paul Raebel, Managing Director, MDS – Loan Sales and Delivery Delivery and Pricing Beginning on February 1st, 2021, Ginnie Mae instituted new requirements for how re-performing loans must be pooled. These new pools are referred to as C RG pools and consist entirely of loans that have been bought out of Ginnie Mae pools…. Read more »

By Lisa Malie, Managing Director, Product Management and Support     Felicia Reynolds, Managing Director, Product Management and Support Behind the Scenes MIAC Analytics offers a diverse range of products and services to a wide audience of clients. In turn, it takes a dedicated team of professionals to support, maintain and evolve these products and… Read more »

Bid Date: 7/29/2021    5:00 PM EST Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC), as exclusive representative for the Seller, is pleased to offer for your review and consideration a $1.01 billion Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae mortgage servicing portfolio. The portfolio is being offered by a mortgage company that originates loans with a Virginia… Read more »