TBA Price Discovery

New York, NY – April 1, 2024 – MIAC Analytics™ announced immediate availability of MIAC Market Monitor (MMM)™, enabling TBA market participants a compelling information advantage against their trading counterparties.

“MMM informs subscribers with 100% of the TBA market’s cleared prices.” said Fuad Nasir, Director at MIAC Analytics.

Improve your TBA Trade Price Execution

TBA market participants using MIAC Market Monitor (MMM) have near complete visibility into the actual trade history including the cleared (traded) price, the time of the transaction, and the size[1] of the trade. MMM is not a request for quote (RFQ) information service with only indicative bids and asks. MMM participants can transact inside these often wide and volatile bid/ask spreads.

“Better market price information can significantly lower transaction costs,” said Fuad Nasir.

MIAC Market Monitor (MMM) Availability

MIAC Market Monitor (MMM) is available with any browser and has an API (application programming interface) option. Contact your MIAC Analytics salesperson for more information.

About MIAC Analytics

Since 1989, MIAC Analytics has been a provider of pricing, risk management, and accounting solutions for the mortgage and financial service industries. Offering transaction execution services, secondary market hedge advisory solutions, and third-party mortgage asset valuations, as well as state-of-the-art valuation and risk models, incorporating a full range of consumer behavioral risk factors.

Press Contact

Breanna Morelli
SVP, Marketing and Business Development
MIAC Analytics

[1] Trades over $25 million are reported as $25 million by FINRA     SOURCE: Finra.org TRACETM

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