Complete Collateral Management Platform

C-Trac™ functions as the central hub to manage and track the status, pricing, and eligibility of pledged collateral.

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Robust Data Management and Reporting Capabilities

C-Trac helps manage the specifics of the collateral securing loans by displaying important loan-level detail. A variety of collateral types including whole loans, securities, and cash are available. At a glance, C-Trac lists institutions that are borrowing money, provides summary information regarding the collateral securing the loans and tracks institutions’ borrowing potential, all in real time.


Collateral categories, custom fields, custom pledge attributes, open API


Filters, loan details, and potential duplicate loan resolution


Real-time value calculations, haircuts, and custom adjustments


To-do items, user change control, and automated workflows

Intelligent Dashboard and Configurations

C-Trac allows managers to effortlessly monitor borrower data such as total collateral value, indebtedness, and borrowing potential. The platform can automate to-do tasks and workflows, increasing overall efficiency and eliminating the need for a separate project management system. 

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard shows a high-level overview of clients’ collateral positions. Dashboard components include:
  • Collateral Value Summary and Institution Position
  • Position Over Time
  • To-Do Items
  • Potential Changes

Manage Borrower Data

View everything you need to know about your clients’ collateral positions from one tab.
  • Total Collateral Value, Indebtedness, and Borrowing Potential
  • Collateral and Indebtedness Values are broken out by categories
Configure groups of Haircuts that can be applied to multiple borrowers.
  • Target and combine aspects/attributes of haircutting that are reflective of your collateral valuation parameters
  • Define how you want to calculate Collateral Value at the portfolio or collateral category level

All Software Solutions Include:


We closely work with the client’s IT department for a seamless installation. We create and provide the
initial setups based on the client’s specifications. This saves the client FTO hours so they can focus on training.

Support (Onsite & Online)

Our support is second to none. We offer 2+ days onsite training and often follow-up with online sessions to reinforce training material. Our web-based support ticketing system allows clients to easily submit requests and monitor its progress. Our support team members work from several locations, which means we offer longer working hours.

Industry Expertise

We pride ourselves on hiring the most talented and experienced employees. We are staffed with industry experts who have worked in many facets of the financial sector for decades, making it easy for us to relate to the needs of our clients.

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