Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) Pricing Software

WinOAS™ is a residential, commercial, and reverse mortgage servicing rights valuation model. Used for calculating loan-level cash flows and generating asset values, WinOAS is a widely used and validated MSR model in the industry.

Leverage a Trusted Valuation Model

WinOAS™ is a validated analytical solution providing mortgage banking professionals the actionable intelligence to navigate these unprecedented times.


WinOAS provides flexibility in conducting your pricing and risk analysis.
  • Change prepayment model types and prepayment model configurations
  • Export control overall cash flow components to databases or spreadsheets
  • Integrated state-of-the-art default/prepayment models – CORE™
  • ROW analysis based on funding and future MSR exit strategies
  • Asset valuation reports in a variety of formats (i.e., PDF, XLS, HTML, etc.)

Ease of Use

WinOAS models future asset behavior and generates monthly cash flows based on current collateral characteristics and market assumptions.
  • View pricing assumptions, portfolio characteristics, and static OAS pricing results
  • Comprehensive SOX controls, assumptions, portfolio characteristics, and static OAS pricing results
  • Complete documentation including comprehensive component cash flow calculations
  • Access daily Generic Servicing Assets (GSAs™) pricing across the internet

Get Up To Date Market Value Price on your Portfolio

MIAC continually enhances its models to reflect current market dynamics. WinOAS™ provides the ability to integrate cash flows with collateral behavior assumptions specifically associated with modified loans, providing a unique insight into the economic value associated with these loans.


CORE is a family of both voluntary and involuntary loan and MSR behavioral models. The CORE models have been built to measure the accurate conditional responses to the most significant economic macro factors: GDP, unemployment, HPI, CPI, and interest rates.


Allows users to identify and forecast retention revenue associated with voluntary prepayments. Users can specify the expected recapture percentages over time and assign revenue margins as a flat dollar amount or as a percentage of the unpaid principal balance.

Term Structure Model

MIAC’s term structure model and volatility surface calibration has been validated by the leading financial institutions. Fully supports the SOFR forward rate propagation and OID discounting.

All Software Solutions Include:


We closely work with the client’s IT department for software installation. We create and provide the
initial setups based on the client’s specifications. This saves the client FTO hours so they can focus on training.

Support (Onsite & Online)

We offer 2+ days onsite training and often follow-up with online sessions to reinforce training material. Our web-based support ticketing system allows clients to easily submit requests and monitor its progress. Our support team members work from several locations, which means we offer longer working hours.

Industry Expertise

We pride ourselves on hiring talented and experienced employees. We are staffed with industry experts who have worked in many facets of the financial sector for decades, making it easy for us to relate to the needs of our clients.