Analytical Solutions for the Financial Industry

MIAC is a provider of pricing, risk management, and accounting solutions for the mortgage and financial services industries.

Independent Valuations

MIAC’s breadth of mortgage experience and advanced technology allows us to value a wide range of financial instruments. Our valuation experts proudly serve over 300 clients worldwide.

Asset Sales & Advisory

Our 30+ years of experience and strong reputation have developed a commercial network of buyers and sellers. Trust us to find the best margins on your next complex asset acquisition or sale.

We Work With Clients Across the Full Credit Life-Cycle

Originators & Aggregators

Through MIAC’s risk management and pipeline hedge advisory system, MarketShield®, originators, and aggregators can reliably limit their interest rate and fallout risk. MIAC utilizes an advanced term-structure model to calculate accurate and reliable durations which are critical to properly hedging a pipeline.

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Loan servicers enlist us to analyze their residential, commercial, and multifamily servicing portfolios. Our state-of-the-art risk measurement and hedging solutions reduce the impact MSRs may have on P&Ls. MIAC is relied upon to value servicing portfolios and predict their performance, as well as market them to buyers through our brokerage.

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Agencies ranging from GSEs to local housing authorities depend on the MIAC Analytics™ software suite for cash flow valuation and performance expectations, as well as stress testing expected losses or capital adequacy under various macroeconomic scenarios.

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Working on behalf of governmental departments or for government-appointed institutions is another core component of our business. Since the financial crisis of 2007, there have been significant demands on these organizations and the need for them to work with independent consultants to deliver on their objectives.

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We work with private equity, hedge funds, loan funds, REITs, money managers, and any other purchaser or owner of debt that wishes to gain a better understanding of their assets value and future performance. Through our tailored solutions and advanced data models, we have a seasoned track record in both routine or one-off independent asset valuations to satisfy investment committees or for accounting book value.

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Capital Markets

We provide a range of support and services to capital markets participants – including structured finance groups within retail banks, investment banks, depositories, trustees, master trusts, and all other firms that either originate or manage structured finance products. Whether your question is about the asset valuation of any type of underlying loan, or you’d like an independent investor report, our software and refined services can help.

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Test the solution that’s right for you

Customized solutions to meet your needs – from complete pricing and hedge advisory services to software licensing options. MIAC Analytics is currently licensed by some of the industry’s largest financial institutions.

If you want to find out more about any of our products and solutions, one of our experienced team members will be delighted to schedule a demo. It’s the best way to find out how we can help you.