Secondary Market Software Solution

MOJO™ takes Best Execution to the next level, considering all pooling possibilities to give you the maximum possible profits.

Identify the Best Possible Execution

  • Maximize the benefit of specified pay-ups and minimize the price hit for high balance loans
  • Consider all possible pooling combinations to yield the maximum overall value:
    • Loans may change investors or pass-through coupons
    • Loans may change spec pool stories
    • Spec pools may be collapsed to allow more de-minimus pooling

Segment deliveries into flow servicing agreements while ensuring compliance with investor stipulations

  • Apply weighted average constraints with a +/- tolerance on any variable in your data set
  • Apply minimum/maximum limit constraints on any variable in your data set

Reduce Processing Time

  • Replace manual processes that can take hours or days to complete with automation
  • Export optimal pools to your delivery system
  • Commit to pools, auto-create trades, and allocate loans to trades

Multi-Layer Application

MIAC can provide you with advanced Secondary Market tools through its pipeline hedging solutions.

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