BuySide Trader™

Secondary Market Software Solution

BuySide Trader™ delivers effective functionality to buyers of bulk loan pools from their correspondents. Capabilities include workflow automation, data normalization, and margin management.

Purchase Loans from Your Correspondents with Risk Management Automation

New bid requests instantly appear on the dashboard using workflow automation

  • View time series volume trends by Product and Sellers
  • Analyze loans bid vs. loans won
  • Price bid requests ASAP or at a specified market time
  • Manage delivery windows at the Seller level
  • Email Sellers directly from your dashboard or upload to auction platforms

Customize margins at multiple levels and add loan-level pay-ups in real-time

  • Reprice loans for competitiveness
  • Maintain pricing margins at desired granularity
  • Manage discretionary margins

Multi-Layer Application

MIAC can provide you with Secondary Market tools through its pipeline hedging solutions.

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