Secured Asset Finance Electronic Registry

SAFeR™ can help prevent institutions from pledging a loan to multiple lenders, helping to preserve the lien in the loan collateral.

Identify Multiple Collateral Pledges

Utilize the eRegistry to identify and avoid pledges to multiple lenders.

Protect your Collateral

SAFeR™ displays a list of potential duplicate loan sets grouped by verification level filters.

Verify the lien of your Pledged Collateral

  • Test your loans against the registry
  • Prevent pledging loan collateral to multiple lenders
  • Notify lenders of pledge conflicts
  • Record the exact time the pledge commitment is agreed to
  • Enable Independent Governance

All Software Solutions Include:


We closely work with the client’s IT department for software installation. We create and provide the
initial setups based on the client’s specifications. This saves the client FTO hours so they can focus on training.

Support (Onsite & Online)

We offer 2+ days onsite training and often follow-up with online sessions to reinforce training material. Our web-based support ticketing system allows clients to easily submit requests and monitor its progress. Our support team members work from several locations, which means we offer longer working hours.

Industry Expertise

We pride ourselves on hiring talented and experienced employees. We are staffed with industry experts who have worked in many facets of the financial sector for decades, making it easy for us to relate to the needs of our clients.