Bid Date: 6/28/2017 5:00 PM EST

Due to the failure of Guaranty Bank (the “Bank”), and the appointment of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver for the Bank (the “FDIC”), the FDIC is proposing to enter into a competitive auction with respect to certain Mortgage Servicing Rights (the “MSRs”) related to Ginnie Mae (“Agency”) pools containing residential mortgage loans with an aggregate unpaid principal balance of approximately $73 million (“Mortgage Loans“).

Acting as an exclusive representative for the FDIC, Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) is pleased to offer for your review and consideration MSRs related to these Mortgage Loans, which were securitized with an Agency guaranty.

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These bidder qualification documents must be completed without modification, executed and returned to MIAC Analytics electronically, to the attention of Mike Carnes at this email address: or Dan Thomas at for FDIC approval prior to receipt of the data tape for review and bid.  These forms must be executed in the exact name of the legal entity seeking to submit a bid. 


Dan Thomas, Managing Director, Client Solutions Group (212) 233-1250 x240

Steve Harris, Managing Director, MIAC Capital Markets (212) 233-1250 x212

Mike Carnes, Managing Director, Capital Markets Group (212) 233-1250 x327

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