Bid Date: 02/21/2018    5:00 PM EST

Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC), as the exclusive representative for the Seller, is pleased to offer for your review and consideration a $773.13 Million FNMA / FHLMC / GNMA mortgage servicing portfolio. The portfolio is being offered by a mortgage company that originates loans with a New York concentration. The Seller will be providing full representations and warranties for the loans included in this offering.

Key portfolio characteristics include:
  • $181,357 Average Loan Size
  • 99.91% Fixed Rate and 0.09%ARM Loans
  • 63.19% GNMA Loans
  • 28.88% FNMA Loans
  • 7.93% FHLMC Loans
  • Weighted average interest rate of 3.870%
  • Weighted average 60+ delinquency rate of 5.01%
  • Weighted average loan age of 20 months
  • Weighted average FICO of 712
  • Weighted average CLTV of 87.15
  • Weighted average Original LTV of 90.84
  • 100% Retail

Interested parties should contact their MIAC representative at (212) 233-1250 with any questions on the portfolio sale.


Dan Thomas, Managing Director, Client Solutions Group (212) 233-1250 x240

Steve Harris, Managing Director, MIAC Capital Markets (212) 233-1250 x212

Mike Carnes, Managing Director, Capital Markets Group (212) 233-1250 x327

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