Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) is pleased to offer a $28.9 million of mixed performance, new origination, and residential product. The seller is a large non-bank that we have sold for in the past. The loans are being offered on an AON basis, and is also willing to carve out high, loan level bids as well.

Investment Opportunity:

  • Collateral Type: New Origination, Residential, Mixed Performance
  • Current UPB: $28,995,149.19
  • Average UPB: $270,982.70
  • Loan Count: 107
  • GWAC: 4.203%
  • Nationwide

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For more information about this transaction, contact your MIAC sales representative at (212) 233 – 1250

Steve Harris
Managing Director, MIAC Capital Markets
(908) 400-2615

Brendan Teeley
SVP, Whole Loan Sales, Trading
(646) 315-9221