Secondary Market Software Solution

WebTrader™ is a trade management system designed to meet the unique needs of pipeline risk managers.

Streamline Your Trade Commitment Process

  • 100% cloud-hosted, web-based, real-time updates
  • Pass trades directly to MarketShield®, or utilize as a standalone trade management system
  • Simplified process to roll trades
  • Notification system for trades approaching settlement
  • Streamlined handling of round robin trades
  • Automated tri-party agreement generator
  • Agency cash forward trade integration
  • Live intra-day position updates allow traders to manage their risk position in real-time
  • Integrations with leading loan origination systems pull in new lock activity
  • Updates from MIAC’s SellSide Trader are reflected when new commitments are created
  • Allows the ability to factor in additional locks for overnight protection
  • Manage the trade confirmation process through a user-friendly interface
  • Accommodates TBA, AOT, and cash trades
  • Report on bids to cover ratios to analyze counterparty competitiveness
  • Hedging scenario testing with coverage screen

Multi-Layer Application

MIAC can provide you with Secondary Market tools through its pipeline hedging solutions.

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