MIAC’s secondary markets trading desks have been enjoying the recent addition of a new, advanced integration to the FNMA Cash Window that is providing us with substantial time savings.  We are pleased to announce that this enhancement to our MarketShield® platform is now available for client use.

Our latest release of MarketShield v5.0 not only includes fully automated pool formation and transmission to the FNMA cash window, it also includes new functionality to manage bulk bids for both buyers and sellers.  BuySide Trader™ will help clients manage their bulk purchase programs, by mapping seller data imports and providing data quality controls, pricing bulk pools directly to the buyer’s takeouts, allowing multiple levels of margin management as well as loan-level spiffs, and email integration for communication of bids.

SellSide Trader™ provides equally robust functionality to bulk sellers, providing easy integration of bulk pool bids into best execution, market movement normalization, as well as email integration for communication of pools to potential buyers. Danielle Roper, Vice President of our New York trading desk, had this to say:

“The new FNMA integration feature is a real game changer when it comes to taking down specified commitments. MS Trader™ automatically queues up the pools according to the best execution and with one click the commitments are executed and final pricing and commitment numbers are loaded back into the system. No more back and forth between the FNMA screen and internal spreadsheets or manually keying in UPB and pass-through rates, and re-confirming the password on each take-down. The new process is much more efficient.”

Please contact your MIAC Relationship Manager today to schedule a demo of these new and exciting features of our market-leading pipeline risk management platform, MarketShield v5.0.

Tina Freeman, CFA, Managing Director, Secondary Solutions Group
MIAC Perspectives – Fall 2017
Superior Integration to FNMA Cash Window in MarketShield® v5.0